Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend continue to change. Houses are changed or demolished and new houses take their place. New forms of housing are created. Port Houses records some of these changes.

Monday, April 2, 2018

320 - 332 Plummer St, Wirraway

April 2018


This site is being cleared and prepared for the construction of the P.M. development. The permit dates back to 2014.

The locational attributes of the site are highlighted: 650m to Port Melbourne beach and just 3km to the CBD. It is minutes from the access to the Westgate Freeway.

David Joachim is the Director of Third Street which also owns 365-391 Plummer St, and a property in Rocklea Drive. (source: Simon Johanson Age 15 March 2017)


Marketing the P.M. Port Melbourne development from prominent premises on the corner of Plummer and Salmon Streets.

December 2016

Marketing begins for the P.M. Port Melbourne development. 

(and the Port)  December 2016

September 2016 

The permit applicant sought amendments to the original permit. They appealed to VCAT when the Minister for Planning failed to determine the amendment within the required time.

VCAT granted permit P866/2016 on 26 September 2016.

The development will contain 536 apartments over three towers and eleven townhouses. Two of the towers will be twelve storeys while the tower on the corner of Plummer and Prohasky Streets will be fifteen storeys.

The mix of dwellings will be 48% one bedroom, 39.5% two bedroom, an increase in 3 bedroom dwellings from 6.3% to 12.7% and 11 townhouses. This accords with the requirements to provide for housing diversity in size and affordability.

May 2015

Planning permit PA1600082 was issued by the Minister for Planning on 24 May 2015 for a development of three towers between 12 and 15 storeys.


A planing application was lodged with the Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) on 1 October 2014. The application was not supported by the MPA. (Ref 14/0005)

Saturday, March 31, 2018

155 Dow St, Port Melbourne

March 2018

The house at 155 Dow St was passed in at auction.

It last changed hands in 1977. It was previously occupied by a Greek family.

In the garden is a peach tree and some canna lilies but the garden has been neglected for some time.
Its attributes are the large site and rear access.

According to FN, a former owner had a furniture workshop in his garage.

155 Dow St, March 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

New life at 143 Farrell St, Port Melbourne

October 2017

The former life of 143 Farrell St is briefly described here.

15-31 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne

March 2018

The site of Rothelowman's project South.

Marketing highlights convenience - the site's neighbourhood walkability index of 92 and proximity to South Melbourne Market, schools and Port Melbourne.

May 2016

The site is sold by Colliers.

22 June 2013

June 2013
The site is occupied by MVB Motor Vehicle Brokers, used car dealer.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

81 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

March 2018

The site is prepared for demolition.

March 2018
September 2017

The planning application was refused by the City of Port Phillip and appealed to VCAT.

June 2017

Planning application 164/2017 is being advertised for six three storey townhouses with rooftop terraces.

November 2016

The site is still for sale.

July 2016

The property is for sale again by Greg Hocking, Holdsworth. Now just a development site: 'the site, the sounds, the scope'. The property 'damaged and dilapidated.'

September 2015

81 Bridge St sold for $3,700.000. Agents Hocking Stuart described the property as offering 'an increasingly rare "blank canvas" opportunity to renovate/build a district showpiece (STCA), or explore the enormous multi-townhouse development potential (STCA).'

From spectacular to dilapidated

Following a fire in 2014, this unusual house has collapsed into a sorry crumble of bricks and roof.
This corner block has become pure potential. The lush green billboard promises a good yield.

June 2015
Shortly after the fire in November 2014
24 11 2014
Here is the house looking proud on a beautiful day in March 2009.

Addressing the corner
Image David Thompson 
David Thompson explains how this unusual house - for Port - came to be built.

Monday, March 12, 2018

164 Ingles St, Sandridge Precinct, Fishermans Bend

November 2017

rear of townhouses at 164 Ingles St,  November 2017
April 2017

Canny project on Boundary St, Port Melbourne, April 2017

September 2016

under construction - a late afternoon inwinter 2016

crossovers on Woodruff St - September 2016

Ingles and Munro St corner approaches completion December 2016

20 November 2015

Canny Projects has begun construction on the $80m Stamoulis Property Group development in Port Melbourne.

The project, which will consist of 287 ... townhouses on the old soap manufacturer, Symex, site, is scheduled for completion in late 2017.

Canny was awarded the contract for the design and construction of triple storey three bedroom luxury townhouses, built in and around heritage-listed buildings on Woodruff and Ingles Streets, opposite the Port Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The first stage will consist of 13 townhouses on the corner of Ingles Street and Munro Street which is scheduled to be completed early 2016.


10 December 2013

In September 2013, a draft vision for the  Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area was released by then Planning Minister, Matthew Guy.

Shortly thereafter, the City of Port Phillip was asked by the Minister to provide advice on the application.

the plan for 164 Ingles Street

The Council considered the application on 10 December 2013. Here are a few references from the Council report:

  • (4.1) the application seeks ... to redevelop the site for dwellings in accordance with a masterplan ... as it would allow for in principle approval, with detailed designs to be submitted for approval prior to the commencement of each development stage.
  • (4.4) A new vehicular and pedestrian access known as the 'Boulevard' would link Boundary and Ingles Streets
  • (4.4) a north south road known as Woodruff Drive would run from Woodruff Street and link to the centre of the Boulevard ... with a width of 8m (building to building)
  • (9.7) the granting of a planning permit for a master plan, conditional on the later submission of detailed plans for each development stage ... is recognised as a legitimate means of allowing the development in principle of a large site, while providing the flexibility to respond to market conditions in the future given that the development could potentially take a number of years. 
  • (13.2) Recommendation, second dot point: A section 173 agreement requiring the owner to inform every prospective purchaser or tenant of a dwelling that industry and the City of Port Phillip Resource Recovery Centre are located proximate to the site 
The extent to which the Council's recommendations were accepted is unclear since the planning process then disappeared from public view.

The City of Port Phillip advised the Minister that it broadly supported the application for 164 Ingles Street  'to redevelop the site for approximately 250, three and four storey dwellings in accordance with a master plan'.

City of Port Phillip report 10 December 2013 164 Ingles St, Port Melbourne

Sunday, March 11, 2018

76 & 78 Nott St, Port Melbourne

March 2018

see also 74 Nott St